Garmin HRM PRO heart rate monitor

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The easiest and most accurate way to know your heart rate.
This heart rate strap tracks running, swimming and more.
It transmits real-time heart rate data with ANT+® connectivity and Bluetooth® technology to give you more training options.
You can receive accurate and continuous heart rate data on your Garmin device, in online training apps like Zwift or even on compatible fitness equipment at the gym.

Running dynamics tracking
In addition to heart rate, HRM-Pro collects running dynamics data that can help you improve your fitness.
Measurements include vertical oscillation, ground contact time, stride length, vertical ratio and more.

Stores and sends your data
The device stores heart rate data during swimming or other activities while your watch is out of range and then, when the activity is complete, sends that data to the watch.
It will also store steps, calories and intensity minutes and then sync them to the watch.

The HRM-Pro device features a small, lightweight heart rate monitoring module, no wider than the soft, comfortable strap.
And don’t worry about the battery running out, as the user-replaceable button cell battery lasts up to 1 year.


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