RACETRAP 100% Replacement Lens – Photochromic Clear/Smoke

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Crafted with a reactive pigment inside that adjusts to best suit the light intensity around you, the 100% Racetrap Replacement Photochromic Lens eliminates the need to switch out lenses depending on the conditions. With a minimally curved 6-base design, this lens opens out peripheral vision for an optimised line of sight and non-restrictive fit. Offering total UV protection even in intense sunlight, this lens also keeps your eyes shielded from the elements thanks to the specialised HYDROILO treatment, which repels vision-clogging road spray to keep your field of view clear.


  • Optically correct decentred 6-base spherical shield
  • 100% UV Protection
  • HYDROILO exterior surface coating
  • CE and ANSI Certified
  • Filter category 1-3
  • Light transmission 17%-77%

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