SPEEDCRAFT XS – glasses 100% Matte Washed Out Neon Pink – Smoke

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The 100% Speedcraft goggles are Peter Sagan’s favorite. These are the Speedcraft XS, goggles designed with the best materials, which exceed all the requirements of high-level athletes and provide a light and comfortable fit. They show that the 100% commitment to the development of top-quality competition products does not end with the goggles. The goggles are available in two versions, one with a narrower lens than the other. The lower air intakes increase ventilation while reducing moisture in the lens, and are interchangeable with specific lenses for all light conditions. As for the SL (Short Lens) model, it is designed with a shorter lens profile and a more compact nose bridge. Except for this, and the lens air intakes, this model maintains the same high performance features as its sister. The box includes a case, a microfiber bag and an additional nose pad of different size.


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