Timemachine Road 01 MOD

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ICS Aero Cockpit

Aero Module

Aero Post

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Aerodynamics always matter, and optimising aerodynamics by integrating components unlocks free speed. Add ruthless efficiency, precise handling and refined comfort, and you have the Timemachine Road 01. At its core, the TCC Speed, Premium Carbon frame and fork incorporate the Aero Module, front brake Aero Cover, and Stealth Cable Routing. Our Premium Carbon Aero seatpost’s offset is adjustable from 0-30mm, and the ICS Aero bar and stem are specifically shaped to minimise drag.


Timemachine Road 01 Premium Carbon with Aero Module, Tuned Compliance Concept Speed
• ICS Aero Technology, Stealth Cable Routing
• PF86 Bottom Bracket
• Flat Mount Disc
• 12x142mm Thru-Axle


Timemachine Road 01 Premium Carbon with Integrated Aero Cover, Tuned Compliance Concept Speed
• ICS Technology, Stealth Cable Routing
• Flat Mount Disc
• 12x100mm Thru-Axle
• 48mm Offset (Size 47-51), 43mm Offset (Size 54-61)


BMC ICS Aero, Aero Top Shape, Compact Bend


BMC ICS Aero- Integrated Aero Cockpit Design


Timemachine Road 01 Premium Carbon Aero Seatpost
• 0, 15, 30mm Adjustable Offset

Tire Clearance

28mm (Measured Width)

Weight Limit

110kg / 242lb

ASTM Classification

Level 1

Additional information


51, 54, 56, 58, 61